Compensation Fund allows you to link your Standard Bank Business Online account to your CF-Filing user account, this allows for payments to be loaded into Standard Bank Business Online (BOL). These payment instructions require you to log into Standard Bank Standard Bank Business Online (BOL) to release them. The payment is not successful until such time that it is released within your Standard Bank banking application.

  • Relax, because you are paying us direct. Your account is guaranteed to be reconciled and updated.
  • Remove the risk. Using your own banking application is safe and convenient.
  • Pay your account where and when it is easiest for you.
  • Your CF-Filing profile is immediately updated with all payment information.
  • Your payment history is available on the CF-Filing site for a minimum of 2 years.

Pay Your Compensation Fund Account

Add your bank account

  1. Log onto CF-Filing Website.
  2. Select "Employer Information" and the "Banking Information".
  3. Complete the required banking Information.

Pay Your Account

  1. Log into CF-Filing Website.
  2. Select "Account Balance" under menu item "Manage Payments".
  3. The amount you are required to pay will be displayed.
  4. Click Pay.
  5. Choose the Standard Bank Business Online.
  6. NB: Enter your Standard Bank Business Online User ID.
  7. Click Pay
  8. You will be required to log into Standard Bank Business Online to release the payment

Standard Bank Internet Banking using "My Bills".

Add your Account

  1. Log onto Internet Banking.
  2. Select "Payments".
  3. Select "MyBills".
  4. Select "Add New Biller".
  5. Select "Add" next to Compensation Fund Metropolitan Municipality.
  6. Select "Confirm".